Buddy the Dog’s FREE solution for an Online Portfolio (LinkedIn)

Hi, I’m Buddy the Dog! Matt, my hooman, asked me to research some free ways to show our game design, coding, and art online. Given the current financial stress caused by COVID-19 (GRRR… I DON’T like to bite but show me a COVID-19 and I’ll GROWL at it until it goes away and leaves my hooman friends alone!!!)

Normally, when Matt teaches his Portfolio Prep class, he recommends that Artists use ArtStation (lucky artists!) and Designers and Programmers create a website using a tool like Wix or SquareSpace. However, even though Wix and SquareSpace enable you to create cool looking portfolio sites, they both cost money! Here is the cost breakdown:


Lowest-cost: $US 5 / month

Benefits: You get some templates and a website

Cons: Wix runs their own ads on your site… not cool!

Bandwidth and storage are kind of low

Recommended-tier: $US 10 / month

Benefits: You get lots of templates

Those annoying ads are gone

You get decent bandwidth and storage

Cons: $US 10 is month is a lot to ask right now… we’re all pressed for cash!


Lowest-cost (and recommended tier🙂 $US 12 / month (if you pay annually)

Benefits: All of their templates

Unlimited bandwidth and storage

Cons: You’ll get charged $US 144 annually, this is not cheap!

Now the point of this article is to come up with some FREE solutions to get your work online! Here’s an idea to consider.


We already have profiles on LinkedIn. Do you know that LinkedIn lets you write blog posts as well? It’s essentially your own website.

The advantages of this are:

  1. You already have a LinkedIn profile.
  2. Everyone in the industry is on LinkedIn.
  3. You can do this with a FREE LinkedIn account!

Here’s a screenshot of Matt’s LinkedIn. Here, you could show examples of your game design work!

You can also upload photos and videos. This means you can upload gameplay footage or your trailer and include commentary. Here’s how to do it.

In the box where you would write a regular post, at the bottom, click “Write an Article.

It opens up LinkedIn’s blog editor. It’s pretty robust! You can upload photos and videos and add your commentary.

LinkedIn even lets you feature an article! You can make your portfolio into a single article and then “feature” it so it’s always visible in your LinkedIn profile.

Your Featured Article appears a little way down your profile page. So it’s pretty easy for anyone looking at your profile to find it! It also has a unique link that you can share and send it out.

Woof! Woof! There’s my recommendation for how to show off your work online for FREE! During this time, stay safe! Observe social distancing and stay inside. Talk with your other hooman friends on social media but keep away from gatherings! Working together, we will get through this!

Sincerely your Fluffy Friend,

Buddy the Dog