Medium Rare Welcomes You!

“Establishing Scene” Medium Rare Dragon Flight – Scene 1 Panel 1-1

In the very first panel of our story, we show the natural world of Medium Rare in a pristine state. Like Hobbiton and the Shire in “Lord of the Rings,” the dragons and other magical creatures of Medium Rare live in harmony with nature. We also get a glimpse of the two stars of our story. At this moment, we do not reveal too much, our goal is to show the two friends frolicking and having fun in this naturally beautiful setting.

In the second panel, we give a close-up on our heroes: Rosa and Princess Unicorn. We aim to show a lot in this simple image of the two friends! Although their expressions are quite simple, we convey the joy that they feel as they play together!

In the final panel, we establish that all is not perfect in the world of Medium Rare. That shadow that falls across Princess Unicorn indicates darkness falling over our beautiful world. There are hard times ahead and the idyllic summer of the earlier panels might soon be a distant memory for Rosa and Princess!

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The shape and color of the claw above Princess Unicorn’s head is very different from what we have seen so far in the previous panels. While the ecology of Medium Rare exists in natural harmony, evil is a mechanical thing that is manufactured by someone (or something) that upsets this balance. Like in “Lord of the Rings,” the world grows darker and scarier as the hobbits move farther away from the Shire and closer to Mordor.

One last note about Princess Unicorn’s character design. It’s a deliberate choice that Princess’ horn and mane make a rainbow! A unicorn is a magical creature and the appearance of a rainbow feels magical when it happens after a rainstorm happens. The rainbow is a symbol of inclusion in our modern world today and this reminds us of Tricycle Games’ slogan, “Video Games are for Everyone!”

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