Cosmic Marble is a marbles game that lets you use your skill to solve out of this world mazes!

Intuitive tilt controls makes Cosmic Marble an addictive game experience as you steer your marble around challenging obstacles designed to make you rely both your gamer skill and your cleverness to complete each maze and earn a high score.

As you solve each maze, you’ll collect orbs that you can use to unlock new marbles with cool themes for you to take to the next challenging maze puzzle.


32 challenging mazes to solve!

Tilt controls to make you feel like you’re really rolling a marble on your phone!

Earn orbs to unlock new marbles with cool themes!

If you enjoy using both your gamer reaction skills and your sharp mind to solve each maze, then download Cosmic Marble now!

What players have said about
Cosmic Marble

"Fun, addicting game about rolling a ball on a sphere. Really loved the later levels, tons of fun.”
Android User
June 02,2020
"Nice Game 👍. Enjoyed while playing btw my body was moving around like the marble :p ”
Android User
June 04,2020
"Fun tilt controls, cool game!”
iOS user
Jun 15,2020