Rosa & Princess Unicorn star in:

Medium Rare Dragon Flight

Original Story by Matt Tomporowski & Karina Malca / Original Illustration and Colouring by Karina Malca

Web Comics

Web comics are fun! Like you, we love a well-drawn, beautifully colored comic that tells a good story. It’s especially fantastic when the humor in the web comic makes us chuckle or even laugh out loud! We also love the characters and fantasy worlds that only video games are able to create. However, many players don’t have the time to take in a good story while they get caught up in the action of a game. 
A lot of talent, hard work, sweat, tears, and creativity goes into the characters we see in video games. If you are like us and would like to learn more about Rosa, Princess Unicorn, their friends, and the magical and adventure-filled world of Medium Rare then the web comic is a great place to follow their adventure. There’s no need for you to interrupt your game play time to follow along either… our entire story is right here for you to check out and enjoy on your phone or laptop!
As you can see in the panels above, our first story centers on Rosa, our fiery red dragon. The evil Arch Warlock Nemesis has kidnapped Rosa’s best friend, Princess Unicorn. Read the panels above to find out what happens to Rosa and Princess Unicorn in this story!
Our goal is to create new video games along with entirely new web comics featuring each of our Medium Rare dragons. We feel this is the best way of combining the action and adventure of mobile games with cool and compelling stories told with beautiful art.
If you would like to support the development of Medium Rare so we will be able to tell more great stories in this fantasy universe, Visit our download page here and download Medium Rare Dragon Flight for either Android or iOS!