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Medium Rare Dragon Flying Games

A casual game that lets you experience flying a cute dragon through the fantasy world of Medium Rare! Medium Rare Dragon Flight is a totally free game for you to test your skills with and enjoy! This mobile game is the first in a series of adventure games that star the Medium Rare Dragons!

The wicked Arch Warlock Nemesis has kidnapped Princess Unicorn and plans to steal her magic! The fiery dragon Rosa flies to rescue the Princess, her best friend, from the evil Arch Warlock’s clutches. However, the Arch Warlock knows that Rosa is after him so he sends his army of goblins to stop Rosa at all costs! 

You control Rosa’s flight and must skillfully fly, dodge, maneuver, and fireball your way to rescue Princess Unicorn in this adventure game!


Android & iOS

Available for Android and iOS

Single Player

Available for Android and iOS


Intuitive one touch controls make it easy to pick up and play.

Skills and Powers

Test your skills as you fly, dodge and zoom your way to setting your high score. Power-up to turn the tables on enemies

Medium Rare Web Comic

Includes the Medium Rare Webcomic! Find out what happens as Rosa the Dragon flies to the rescue of her friend Princess Unicorn

Collect Coins

Get the high score by collecting the most coins!

Collect coins, dodge enemies, and use each dragon’s unique attacks and flight to complete levels and earn the highest score!

What players have said about
Medium Rare Dragon Flight!

Already spent hours of fun since i started this game! Love the cute little dragon!
Dg Chaos
Android User
Apr 14, 2020
Amazing game!! Loved it
Android User
Nov 22, 2019
Delicious fun! "It was easy to pick up and play! It’s super cute, I got into it the more distance I went and that’s always a good thing! Had some intense moments and was playing along side with a friend to see how far each other went. It was a good time!"
iOS user
Apr 18, 2020
Medium rare? More like Well Done! "Played it with another friend at the same time. We challenged each other and I’m sad to say I got destroyed. Will be playing more to train myself to beat her next time. The game is super fun and incredibly addicting. The more I played the more I wanted to beat my high score every single time.”
iOS user
Apr 18, 2020
Fun game with awesome visuals "Super fun game great for casual playing. Have been playing throughout the day while bored and can’t get enough!”
iOS user
Apr 12, 2020
Amazing! "The art is adorable and the game is very well designed"
iOS user
Apr 09, 2020