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Medium Rare is a party game
where you play as a cute dragon!

Party game featuring all four of the Medium Rare Dragons and their friends! The Medium Rare party game lets you play as your favorite cute dragon or one of the other cute fantasy characters that live in the magical world of Medium Rare!

Up to 4 players chase each other around arenas, breathe fire, & have a dragon-good time!

Hitting an opponent with dragon breath turns them into a… chicken leg! Score points and win by eating the most chicken legs!

Rounds only take a couple of minutes. The action is fast, easy to learn, and it’s fun for both new and experienced players!
Competitive and Couch Co-op Gameplay
Medium Rare includes two exciting party game modes. The first is a classic competitive mode where you and your friends battle against each other to score points by cooking each other with flames and then eating the most chicken legs. For players who prefer a co-op experience, we have added an easy to pick up and play Horde mode where players work together to clear levels of bats, goblins, and other monsters from the Medium Rare world.

The six characters that you can play include the four Medium Rare Dragons: Rosa, Merlin, Vlad, and Mango. However, you can also unlock four other characters: Princess Unicorn, Pugsley, Charlize, and Arturo… as their names suggest, they’re not dragons. You can learn more about the nature and identities of these new characters by reading the Medium Rare Web Comic!

Online Multiplayer

In response to more people having to stay indoors and play games on their own, we are bringing online multiplayer to Medium Rare! Through our in-game lobby and match-making, you’ll be able to set up games with your friends online or play with new friends. Both our competitive deathmatch and co-op horde game modes support online multiplayer gameplay!


1-4 Players

Party Game Action

Local Multiplayer

AI controlled dragons & enemies

Competitive Death Match and Co-op Horde Mode Gameplay

Power-Ups to give your dragon awesome powers!

Progress to unlock new dragons!!

Online Multiplayer

New characters based on Medium Rare Web Comic

Competitive Mode

Death Match: quick, one round matches. Eat the most chicken legs in a round to win!

Gauntlet: battle across hazard filled gauntlet maps! Score the most points over three rounds to win!

Coop Modes

Horde Mode: Up to 4 friends battle to defeat waves of AI controlled enemies!

Who is Medium Rare for?

Gamers wanting a fun party game to play when friends come over
Grown ups & kids wanting to share in easy to pick up and play fun
medium rare online games