Super Cosmic Marble Puzzles is a marbles game that lets you use your skill and brains to solve out of this world mazes!

It’s our sequel to the 5-star rated “Cosmic Marble” that is currently available for Android & iOS.

Solve fun, addicting, and challenging puzzles using marbles with UNIQUE POWERS!

Explosive Marble

Explode your way into sealed areas

Heavy Marble

Push heavy objects to open new areas

Turbo Marble

Use super speed to jump across chasms and race through chutes

Mini Marble

Shrink to a tiny size to access secrets

As you solve each maze, you’ll collect orbs that you can use to unlock new marbles with cool themes for you to take to the next challenging maze puzzle.


45 challenging mazes built on 5 uniquely themed worlds:






Virtual joystick or tilt controls to make you feel like you’re really rolling a marble on your phone!

Earn orbs to unlock new marbles with cool themes! Solving secrets can reward you with premium diamonds. Spend orbs and diamonds to unlock cool new marbles!

If you enjoy using both your gamer reaction skills and your sharp mind to solve cool puzzles, try Super Cosmic Marble Puzzles!

Coming Soon on iOS and Android!